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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's Your Favorite Low Cal /Healthy Snack?

I love snacking! Back in the day, it was Twinkies, Yodels, cheese fries and candy bars that kept me in trouble. I could do Snickers and 3 Musketeer bars all day long! Well, now that I no longer have the metabolism of a 14 year old, I just had to let those goodies go! (and tearfully, I might add!)

That doesn't mean I gave up snacking altogether, though. I'm just reaching for smarter, healthier, low cal items to shove down my throat with abandon.
Since I can't give up chocolate completely, one thing I've found that still scratches my chocolate itch is those low calorie, sugarless fudgesicles.

Me and these little babies get along just fine, and at a mere 40 calories a pop, I don't ruin my diet if I decide to have two. (Which I usually do)

Another thing I've always loved is a good, salty, sour pickle. We used to buy the big ones out of the deli when I was a kid and suck on them all day. I buy the New York Deli Style ones at the supermarket now. High in sodium, sure, but it's not like I'm going to eat a ton of them. On the label, it says 0 calories a serving. I don't know how the heck that's possible, but, I'll take it! ;)

You've also heard me talk about how much I love edamame, and although it's a little higher in calories (100 or so cals per cup), the health benefits of eating soy make them well worth it. Even at 2 cups, you're not going too far overboard, really.
I buy mine with the husk still on them so I can't eat them so fast.

And rounding out my favorites, the lovely, succulent watermelon. It's hard to get good, perfectly ripe watermelon all year round where I live (you can get it all year -just not top notch quality in the off seasons), but when I find a good one, I'm on it! At about 40 cals for 10 balls of melon, it's a good tasty choice that I really enjoy. And....I always eat just a bit more than that! Hey, it's watermelon...no worries! ;)

I also love sauteed mushrooms and grilled asparagus. I know some wouldn't call those snacks, but they work for me! Can eat a big bowl of both and be just as happy as you please!
So, what are your favorites? I'm always looking for good, low calorie, healthy snack ideas. Maybe you've got one I should check out!

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The Daily Planet said...

My friend at work got me hooked on those Quaker mini rice cakes. I love the cheese flavored ones, but the caramel ones are good too. They're low in calories and fat.

Mystery Man said...

I have a thing for carrots and raisins. too bad I can't find the yogurt raisins like i used to take in my school lunch in elementary, though...lol

also can't forget the chex mix...not sure if that's too healthy, though

Sudha said...

My favourite snack is puffed rice..dont know if you get it in the US or not..here we get puffed rice in supermarkets and what we do is at home add a tsp of oil to a pan then when it bcomes hot add a pinch of salt and turmeric pwdr and put these puffed rice to it and mix nicely and store it in a container..but these days flavoured puffed rice is available in the market and lemon flavour is really yummy..This is supposed to be a low cal snack and ofcourse I'm fond of watermelons too Diva :D

weight loss said...

" Eating that food which keeps you fit and fine " that's what my favorite low cal / healthy snacks...... :)

Lynne said...

My favorite is the Dannon Lite & Fit vanilla yogurt with some strawberries & blueberries added in and topped of with some granola. I have one of this just about every afternoon to take the edge off.

Sadie said...

I'll have to look for those Fudgepops. I didn't know about them! My favorites to snack on is hummus (in moderation, of course), fresh blueberries, or a couple handfuls of mixed nuts.


I am with you on the pickles and soybeans but I love nuts and string cheese too!!!! I will have to try those fudgesicles!!! They look delicious!

jacqueline said...

I love the hot-air popped popcorn. No salt. It took a while to get to the no-salt realm. :-)

EastCoastLife said...

I go for fruits like apples, papayas and bananas nowadays.

I used to snack on chocolates. :(

Dori said...

You have some great snacks!

I like to snack on olives and sometimes I'll get a taste for pistachios.

Daisy said...

Popcorn! Yummy! And string cheese. My Mommie eats those 100 calorie packs of chocolate covered pretzels. They are not what you would call healthy, but they are delicious.

Jolie said...

I love to snack on almonds, popcorn or apples with organic peanut butter.

first aid supplies said...

These all are my Favorite......Nice blog post Thank you so much

yeokeehui@gmail.com said...

You really know how to eat. I still have so much to learn. Thanks for your posts.

Shinade said...

I like celery sticks and a low calorie-non fat ranch dip!! I also love watermelon and that one is looking pretty good!!

I can't wait for summer we get some of the best melons ever around here!!:-)))

P.S. sometimes I also snack on Cheerios!

Some times I snack on Fritos...but don't tell!!:-(Bad...I know it's bad!!:-)))

Kristine said...

Awesome suggestions. Snacking is one of my biggest problems. I love pickles, so I'm going to try buying more.

Shelia said...

Pears, green grapes, walnuts, almonds and smoked gouda cheese... all at the same time.

Mike Foster said...

I enjoy soy chips dipped in hummus. Try it, you may like it.


Christine Eaton said...

You had me at 40 cal, no sugar added, fudgsicle LOL.

PaulsHealthBlog.com said...

I love to get some almond butter, organic grape jelly and whole wheat crackers.

And when things like watermelon are in season, I love to snack on that too!

(I here ya on the Snickers, though!)

Urban Thought said...

I'm a grape man myself. Happy they offer the seedless variety.

Syn said...

Oh how I wish I had your willpower! Great site. I'll be back to learn more (I have 21 pounds left to drop). Thanks!

Hawk Eye said...

I go for fruits like apples, pineapple and bananas then hot drink such as green tea.
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lala said...

I love snacking too. However, it seems the older I got, I lost both my sweet-tooth (I was a horrible chocolate addict) and my salt-tooth (I never had much of one to begin with.) My ideal snack usually involves an avocado and a tomato with lots of fresh ground pepper.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

I usually have at least two Snikers and Mars bar on my table. Anyway, in Asia, people said that eating salty sour pickles will retard the growth of kids. I am not sure whether it's the truth or not. One thing I am sure is Asian relatively are not that high :):)

iWalk said...

I love many kinds of fruits, melon seeds, currants, but if I want some snack, A cup of tea is necessary too!

gLoR!e said...

i don't usually eat snacks! so seldom! but i love the sauges! yummy! now i am craving for snacks!:)

self defense Rob said...

Personally I like cheese sticks, except when ever I try to get one, the dog is right there begging for one. So we go through them twice as fast, one of me, one for the dog.

He begs for everything, but he seems to really like the cheese snacks...

attygnorris said...

Watermelon works great for me, but since it's more seasonal, I mainly like to snack on fiber one bars.


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Don't even get me started as to how much I love watermelon... yum.. I can't eat it at all hours of the day, lol.

Let's see... I love trail mix..any kind. And I will never refuse a snack of popcorn.. airpopped, no salt or butter.. I think it tastes fine just plain like that! =)

The Fitness Diva said...

You guys all have some great ideas. I tried rice cakes some years ago, and definitely could get back into them, Planet.
Chex mix isn't my thing, but a good trail mix can get me going, Mystery! Gotta be careful with that, though, because they're starting to make ones with chocolate M&M's in it! I LOVE that one! :D

The only puffed rice I've had is the honey sweetened one in cereal. That will get me fat! :)
The one you're talking about sounds good and healthy, though, Sudha!

I wish I liked yogurt more. I can get into it with granola in it, but it's never something I'll naturally go for when I shop for food, Lynne. I know it's good for you, though! :)

The Fitness Diva said...

Sadie, you're going to love the fudge pops! Mmmmm! Best damn invention EVER! :D

Health Nut, I KNOW you've got some healthy snack tricks up your sleeve!
You are always talking about healthy stuff to eat! :D

Jacqueline, I keep telling myself that one day I will go on a salt fast. I really need to reacclimate my taste buds because I love eating with A LOT of salt, and I know that it's not good for you! My dirty little sin! :O

I love apples, East Coast, especially Granny Smiths and red delicious. I should try to eat papaya more - it's great for digestion!

Dori, me and you and a bowl of olives and another of pistachios!
I used to have a THING for olives! My faves were the giant ones without the seed! Lovin' the pistachios, too!

The Fitness Diva said...

Almonds are a really great snack, Jolie. I love them, and they help keep you from being hungry! Like all your other choices, too!

Daisy, me and your Mommy could have a party with those chocolate covered pretzels! Who invented those??? Sooooo BAD, but I love 'em! I just try not to buy them to stay out of trouble! :D

Thanks for stopping by, First Aid!

Good to see you here, Yeokeehui! Love your blog! :)

Oh, Shinade...you don't have to even tell me about the loveliness that is FRITOS!!! So SALTY!!! So GOOD!! aaaaggghhhh! I promise to stay away from Fritos. I promise to stay away from Fritos!!!
Waiting for the good melon to come, too! :D

pickles are good, Christine, and they won't wreck your diet. I'm so glad that I like them and can pop them in my mouth anytime!

Sheila, that sounds like a good, yummy fruit plate. I could definitely get with that!

The Fitness Diva said...

Mike, I love hummus, and luckily, I live in a heavily Greek influenced neighborhood where you can get really good hummus and tsatziki (I hope I spelled that right! I don't think I did! LOL)

LOL, Christine! I hope you can find them where you live.

Paul, I used to eat at least one Snicker's bar every day! That was 5 minutes of heaven every time! :D

With you on the grapes, too, Urban. My favorites are the red seedless. Crunchy and sweet!

Hope to see you back, Syn! Welcome!

All good, Hawk Eye. Got to check out your recipes!

Welcome, nst!

The Fitness Diva said...

That avocado and tomato sounds good, lala. I'll have to try that!

Not true, 'Dude! I'd only be 4 ft tall if it were so, as many as I ate when I was a kid!

I need to get into this tea thing, Iwalk. I read about all the good teas on your site!

Glorie! Sausage will make you fat! ahhhh! LOL! I like them too, though!

Self Defense Rob, that dog is helping you big time! Less fat for you! ;D

Don't do the power/health bars too often, Davida, because they make me crave sugar! Used to love Powerbars, though!

I gotta try this air popped popcorn, Kristin! Will be VERY hard for me without salt or butter, though! :O

Kelly said...

I like to snack on nuts if I have them on hand. for that chocolate fix, the quaker naturals chocolate chunk granola bars are really good.

Also, cheerios. It's my late night snack of choice. Honey Nut if I want a sweet treat.


Leomar's Den said...

I also love snacking but i go for fruits like bananas, watermelon and apples. Nice post, btw.

carey @ happysteps.net said...

I'm watching my diet these days, and I snack on cucumber and papaya. Nuts are also my faves. Cantaloupes are also on my list! I would also munch on lettuce leaves sometimes. :D

carey @ happysteps.net said...

BTW, aside from the great content you have, I'm always looking forward to your videos (exercise and inspirational) at the top right area of your site. You always think ahead when it comes to providing valuable information for us readers. Keep it up!

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks for stopping by Kelly and Leomar. Fruits and nuts are definitely the way!

Carey, thanks for the kind words. Your compliment just made my day! ;)

Sunny said...

I love baby carrots, though I hate it when I buy a "bad" bag and it's got a lot of skin still left on them. They're so bitter. Then there are the bags of "old" tasting carrots. Still, when I do get a bag of nice, sweet baby carrots, I love snacking on em. Sometimes I use a low fat dressing.

Akira said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

My low cal food has to be oranges and basically other juicy fruits as well. My fav protein source will have to go to unfried coated soya bean and wasabi green peas. ^_^.

purvis said...

cherub tomatoes, light laughing cow cheese, light babybel cheese, weight watchers lemon yogurt

Sushi Freak said...

I love a mix of seeds and nuts with some diced dehydrated pineapple. The pineapple gives it just enough sweetness.

It's nutrient dense and travels well in a backpack or purse.

GiGi said...

- Cherry Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Nori Sheets, Kelp Noodles, Konbu Noodles, Yam Noodles, Tomato Paste, Canned Green Beans, Canned Mushrooms, Cabbage, Olive Tapenade = The Best Snacks EVER!

weight loss pills said...

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